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Brad F

I have read this line a number of times, even prior to your post (when Cowen put it online I was initially stymied as well), and for the life of me, cant understand what he means:

"Trying to equalize health care consumption hurts the poor, since most feasible policies to do this take away cash from the poor, either directly or through the operation of tax incidence."

What does he mean?

On your #3 and #4:
Suppose you have voting precinct in a town where 90% of the inhabitants live--20% are poor, the rest are middle class plus. Turnout is 80%.

10% of the population, all poor, live in the sticks, and they are unable to vote due to transportation limitations.

Suggestion is made to move the polling center towards the 10% of lesser means. As a result, turn out will tank, and in the end, representation of entire town plummets. In this case, trying to fix the problem for the few does more "harm."

Is this an analogous screw up to which Cowen refers, mainly, fighting inegalitarian principles, perhaps, harms more than helps?

I am not saying I agree or its apples to apples (after all the point is to solve and not just assume permanent dysfxn, like you the sentence you close with), but maybe this is what he is alluding to in his statement?



Your weird polling place/voting example is severely flawed anyway. Why does it have to be one or the other? Set up a second polling place. Or find other solutions--absentee ballots, for example, or have a bus route on election day to get the rural voters into town.

Similarly, there are many ways to solve the problems that these fearmongering Chicken Littles think are going to impact the "health care institutions". They just require creative thinking and a willingness to solve the problems rather than saying, well, it's too haaard so screw the little people, let 'em die.

Bill Gardner (@Bill_Gardner)

I think Cowen is baiting us. It's difficult to know what TC is advocating, but reading the whole post suggests that he may support a mandated sufficient level of health care of some kind. But he draws attention with the inflammatory line and an attack on a straw man version of egalitarianism.

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