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John LeBlanc

Yes but thank goodness it's a step in the right direction. Imagine the setback if the tea-partyers had won.


Your comments are accurate statements, but it seems they suggest that these problems can be solved through legislation, judicial decisions, or the medical system. Such problems as health disparities arise from the social structures our society has created. These are far beyond the ability of the medical system to correct. Meanwhile, it is truly heartening that the court agrees that as long as we label it correctly we can mandate that the entire population has health insurance. That is a critical step in creating a shared investment in the health of all Americans. it will take generations, but once it becomes obvious that the health of the poorest and the riskiest really does matter to everyone I believe the national mindset will become quite different.

Bill Gardner (@Bill_Gardner)

It is true that the health care system cannot, in and of itself, remove disparities in health. I don't see the suggestion that it does in what I wrote, but I can't be the judge of my own writing.

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