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Hey Bill,
Please keep blogging I will keep reading. I use to be a big fan of the Incidental Economist but it became too political for my case. You seem to be more fair and balanced. Keep writing!

Bill Gardner (@Bill_Gardner)

Jonathan, thanks for the kind words -- you were one of the commenters I was thinking of. I do plan to keep blogging.

Brad F

Ditto here Bill, always like to check in and see what you are discussing. You have carved out a unique niche, a boutique shop so to speak.

I would also add that not only does blogging and commenting get the attention of other like minded folks, it leads to meaningful activities.

I am currently putting together a project with not one, but potentially two organizations, and it stems from virtual communication and shared interests.

Without these types of channels, it would not have occurred.



Thanks for posting this, you just made me realize that the long tail is a different view of the birthday paradox. The concepts of network science and this kind of understanding are critical as we move (with or without SCOTUS) towards accountable care models. Welcome your feedback on a series I've been doing on algorithms and architectures in health care and the need for more statistical understanding of how health is influenced by both: http://opensource.com/health/12/5/acos-and-moneyball-medicine-part-iv-risk-reduction-architectures

Bill Gardner (@Bill_Gardner)

Thanks, Leonard. I have subscribed to your blog and will take a look.

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