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Brendan Saloner


Check out Figure 2, http://www.nursingtimes.net/Journals/2/Files/2009/11/5/EMBARGOED_Schoen_intl_article_galleys.pdf. Looks like Canada and the US are right at the bottom together for low EMR adoption. So EMR is not a necessary condition for bending the cost curve, but surely it helps, right? Don't Canadian docs spend a lot of time chasing down information that they could have at the their fingertips with EMRs? Who monitors for adverse drug reactions? You get my idea.


Brendan Saloner

Ack, somehow that link got cut off. The paper is Schoen et al. A Survey Of Primary Care Physicians In Eleven Countries, 2009: Perspectives On Care, Costs, And Experiences. 2009. Health Affairs.

Bill Gardner

Very interesting, and thank you. I was thinking about hospitals, where EHR penetration is better than primary care.

I do believe that EHRs are critical for bending the cost curve in the long run, and probably are doing so now. My impression, however, is that there is great variance in the degree to which they are actually doing so at present.

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