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Bill Gardner

You could be right, Paul. I was perhaps too impressed by my encounter with David Benatar, who also makes an argument that seems to defy common sense. Although he, in my non-professional opinion, gives a much stronger argument.

Paul Kelleher

I do want to allow for common sense to be overturned by rigorous argument. I just don't want I us to get too impressed by impressive argumentation that conflicts with convictions we believe we hold responsibly. I also wasn't suggesting you were over-impressed with the argument. I was critiquing more the manner of their presentation than the "matter" of it.

I also don't see why this was worth publishing, as I can't see how the it improves upon Tooley's "Abortion and Infanticide" (1972).

Bill Gardner

Actually, what I liked least about the G & M's approach was that they stated an extreme argument, and then later -- in a link I can no longer find -- tried to walk away from it. Something like: "this was just bioethics, we never actually advocated killing infants." If so, the point of your profession is exactly what?

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