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Bill Gardner

Excellent point about others' interests, Paul. And I really like this: "They don't even take pains to argue (as they must) that being driven to choose infanticide by post-partum distress really is in the woman's interests."

So, let me put you on the spot. Do the interests of persons other than the mother matter for, say, late term abortions? If not, what is it about birth that makes the interests of others suddenly relevant?

Paul Kelleher

I'd say yes, they do. Actually, I don't want to make it only about feelings. For example, I don't think it's just our feelings that make protecting wetlands a sensible thing. I think it's something about the wetlands themselves that make them valuable and worth protecting. I suppose (without possessing an argument to prove it) that the same thing can be said about late-term fetuses. What, exactly, makes the difference between late-term fetuses and zygotes and early-term fetuses? I don't know for sure. But I'm confident there's something. The search goes on.

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