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Brad F

Really well said Bill, and the best statement on this dust up I have read thus far, and I have read a bunch.

If I have come to two conclusions on this matter:

1) There is no right answer. Freedom to exercise your religious beliefs (Douhat, Dionne) vs. public policy (Drum) make for interesting reading, but each side's justification will attract the like minded. For those in the middle, like me, its a coin toss. Call me spineless.

2) In the end, federal dollars come from the same pot, and its all sleight of hand. The church should get what they want in accordance with their beliefs, with some kind of financial pass through or workaround as has been suggested, so those seeking contraception can obtain the same.

I do want you to clarify something however--and challenge you a bit. The meaning of "identity," and the controversy in France and burqa veils lets say--literally brings the same type of quagmire into the public square. Would the same editorialist (and you?) take the same position?

My point is, "identity" is in the eye of the beholder. Another worm hole...


Bill Gardner

Thanks for those very kind words. I really appreciate them.

Can you say more about you question about the burqa? I think women should be free to wear these garments. I've never understood the argument against that.

Brad F

This was a huge issue, and got (and still gets) worldwide attention. Because it is occurring in a minority group (Muslims--and that needs no elaboration) in an ex-colonial power (France), its highly charged.



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