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Bill you are also ignoring the fetal origins literature. Even James Heckman might be willing to accept the results from this burgeoning field. Most notably look for research from Janet Currie and Doug Almond for more on this.

Bill Gardner

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for commenting. I am familiar with some of Currie's work and will look into Almond. I'd also appreciate the opportunity to read more of your thoughts about the sense in which I may be ignoring the results of this literature.

I believe that intrauterine effects are very important for development, and have been blogging recently about the importance of universal prenatal care.


Hi Bill,
I did not mean this in a negative way. Just that the research is reasonably new to the field. In no way did I intend to mean that you were ignoring the research! Please keep writing, I enjoy the blog immensely. Sorry for the negative connotation, nothing was meant by it!

Bill Gardner

No hard feelings, Jonathan. I really did appreciate the comment.

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