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Brad F

I enjoyed the post, and wish I had the time to respond more in depth.

This is a daunting site (look at the roll):

No doubt, you are all too familiar with the difficulties in cost analyses and base assumptions--garbage in, garbage out,etc. Mix that world, with the one in the link. Big headache.

I cant disagree with what you have said, but I dont know how to actualize it and make it practical at the bedside, in real time--even with HIT.

I recently saw an article, and I should have bookmarked, examining the number of decisions a physician makes in a day. It was enormous, and naturally, as biased as I am, I believe it.

We are a long way off from practicing in this vein. Good to discuss, but your vision is more 2020+. Evolution and data quality is too far off.

My opinion. Early wins will be VBP and Mcare no pay.


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