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Brad F

P4P may not be used, but measurements exist, yes? I see the studies utilizing x-border outcomes in most mainstream journal (hips, PNA, MI care, etc).

If thats the case:
1) Are Canadian providers driven by slightly different motivations than US docs, ie, cartoon does not apply up north?

2) Canadian providers, if surveyed--and perhaps they have been, would express low morale as it relates to pay and rewards, compared to their bling ridden neighbors below?

What do you think?


Bill Gardner

Of course, I feel that I should not talk about "Canadian providers", given that my knowledge is based on conversations with some Nova Scotians.

The amount of data varies greatly by province. There really isn't a national data base. Some provinces (Manitoba, I believe), do this really well.

I don't think that Canadian provider morale is lower, although that is what the cartoon suggests. My sense -- haven't checked the data -- is that the compensation of the median doc is not so different here. But there are fewer million dollar specialists. I do think the motivational structure is different... need to think more before I try to say how.

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