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Patrick McGrath

Gardner is right, we have to transform care to make it more cost effective. As long as we accept current models of care, we are doomed. I work in Canada and in child/maternal health. Child/maternal health is where the action is. Almost all adult diseases have their genesis in the maternal/child time period. This is due not only to lifestyles that are established at that time but also the role of fetal programming and epigenetics.

So, lets start thinking of investing in maternal/child health and looking, as Gardner asserts in different models of health care delivery. Why does it always have to be a doctor in a face to face interaction with a patient in his/her office. We need to break away from the established interests who profit from this approach. Lets get creative. Use the design of our cities to keep people healthy, use new media to inspire people to be in charge of their health, break down the social barriers to families being healthy, consider the huge influence that gradients of wealth have on health and overcome the established interests to move the agenda forward.
Patrick McGrath

Bill Gardner

Agreed, Pat -- and best wishes at Christmas and the New Year.

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