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Brendan Saloner


Happy Christmas Eve!

I agree that the lack of scientific progress in curing mental illness is disappointing, but I actually take a different moral from this list: where are the great advances in the delivery system? Almost everything listed above is a breakthrough at the level of basic science. If we are serious about improving the lives of people with mental health problems, a lot more could be done to re-enginner the treatment system to function in a more integrated and proactive manner -- even without changing our therapies.

All best,


Bill Gardner

Best wishes to you, Brendan. I am looking forward to reading you and your colleagues in the new year.

David Ahier tweeted me the same thought. You are both completely right. Perhaps we will eventually say that the ACO was such an advance? Although how would we date that idea? When someone first used the term in print? When the Cochrane review was published?

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