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Brad F

Funny, I just was thinking about this. Read the first few sentences:

I did not link to the network analysis at the bottom and their methods, but how valid do you think the diagram is at, say, the middle third?

How do you define terms, ideological overlaps, etc.?

I read your blog and TIE--I know where everyone stands, just about, ideologically for example. If Austin talks about competitive bidding in the context of a (+) ACA platform, where does that fall on the spectrum--right or left.

Conversely, if Gail Wilensky skins ACOs in the context of a "pro" Medicare post, how do you categorize?

I think both of us would say, in the center, but are the IT folks behind the analyses we see above able to parse the difference. If not, or its questionable, the pretext of you post is somewhat tenuous. I say that with utmost respect of course in the spirit of advancing dialog.

Echo chamber exists, but a slice of that world might be misrepresented. Or, perhaps not--I just dont want to put my nickel down as yet.


Bill Gardner

Thanks. And thanks also for pointing me to your blog -- the mortality / readmission tradeoff data you discuss deserve a lot of thought. I did not realize that you were a hospitalist.

Your question is a good -- my post overgeneralizes. I follow bloggers in both parties. They are people who have clear party affiliations, but are committed to fair argument and evidence. But they are hard to find. So I kind of buy the message of the network graph.

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