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I do not believe that most republicans want public health care. They see it as an invasion where the government should not be allowed to dictate who their provvider of insurance is and what coverages they are allowed to have. It's a part of deregulation.

In Canada, the government issued health care seems to be getting more sustainable. There was a scare for a short period of time about allocating resources in Canadian health care, but it seems things are going better with the conservative leadership of Stephen Harper. While the seems to be more expensive on average for government issued health care (since much of the profit incentive is taken out of the equation), I still believe this should be a public service, since it is my personal belief that no one should be refused essential health care services because of the inability to pay, and a government monopoly on health care would ensure this. It's just not right, morally, to prevent the poor access to health care. This is the only issue I'm more liberal on. I wish fellow conservatives in the US would see this more as a religious issue than a commerce issue. If we were to look at it from a Christian or other religious perspective, we are to take care of our neighbors in their times of need. It is more than a suggestion. It is our duty to God and to our neighbors. All a part of loving our neighbors as ourselves. Unfortunately, many people abandon their beliefs due to the love of money (savings on premiums).

That's coming from someone who works in the insurance industry and is a born again Christian.

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