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confused... "Democrats have a consistent ethic of life" in what way? Aren't some democrats pro-choice and simultaneously anti death penalty?

Bill Gardner

Hi Clay,
I was trying to say that contemporary Democrats do not have a consistent ethic of life.

Beth Haynes, MD

Why interpret the cheers as being in favor of letting someone die? That is a horrible idea, and not the only interpretation.
More likely the cheering is for the idea that we are responsible for our own lives and actions and should be held accountable for them. Or, the cheers could alternatively be in support of the idea that people can not be justly coerced by government into being their brothers' keepers.
I would argue that the story of the 30 year old is a tragedy--but not one which justifies government violation of the right of an individual to his own life (liberty and property). I would also argue that this is where community, generosity and compassion begin: the mutual recognition and respect of each individual to his own life--and only to his own.

I do not expect you to agree.


got it... sorry I just read it weird - I can see your point.

Bill Gardner

Thanks for commenting. I think that if those crowds shared your view that these were necessary tragedies, they wouldn't have whooped and hollered.

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