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Brad F

Odd. I have always found it quirky that many folks sing the praises of the "others," and their lower per capita costs, aggregate spend, etc. A historical blip that we started our adventure a bit richer and a bit earlier. Nothing you dont know, obviously.

Nonetheless, I see the United States with an uncut lawn, 4 inches overgrown. Ditto with Canada, but only at 2 inches. However, both homeowners have a lawnmower that wont start. Ugly landscaping.

You get the drift, and the comparison can be made with a majority of OECD nations. Never gets mentioned, with the exception of the policy set.

PNHP et al need a refresher, and the slightly off key tune they sing is not helping their minions achieve a richer understanding of future problems.

Good post.

Bill Gardner

I like the lawn metaphor, and thanks for the kind words.

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