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It really is an amazing time to be a Madisonian.

Bill Gardner

Is there a scenario where the bill loses? If I were Scott, I'd just wait on a vote.


I doubt the bill loses, but it might loose as it is. I don't think anyone is quite sure what the law allows with regard to the 14 Dem Senators who fled to Illinois to ensure the absence of a quorum for yesterday's vote. And now there is reporting that something similar could happen in the House if the House's lone Independent joins with Dems. Here's that article: http://www.channel3000.com/politics/26915696/detail.html

It might be reasonable to hope that the union-busting elements of the bill are dropped, but if that happens, the Republicans will want a vote on the rest in return.

All that said, I wouldn't be surprised if, somehow, a vote happens soon and everything Walker is proposing passes.


If a majority of the legislature, is that not more democratic than the blocking ability of a quorum-busting minority? Of course a legislature is not synonymous with the citizenry, but I don't know that the opposition is representative of them either (rather than a small section of the populace with a fiduciary interest).

I don't read this site often and just happened to see this linked elsewhere, so those who would like to make a comment I might respond to will have better luck at http://crookedtimber.org/2011/02/18/whats-up-in-wisconsin/


Yes, I misused the word "fiduciary" above, and yes, I am drunk.

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