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Daniel S. Goldberg

Great summary and assessment. Thanks!

Paul Kelleher

Thanks Daniel. And thanks again for the pointer on the follow-up piece. Please feel free (or, if it helps, even obligated!) to send along other pointers to relevant literature as it unfolds. You seem to be more keyed into this side of the literature than I have been able to be.

Brendan Saloner

This is fascinating stuff. It may be worth posting Figure 1 and Table 1 of the 2011 paper -- smoking is a particularly interesting case, high and low status French people smoke at similar rates but English smoke less on average, but the gradient is wider. We should think about the pattern of health behaviors specific to each society when we try to answer these questions.

Vincent Princeton

Health gradiants and rating how bad your lifestyle is to get health insurance coverage? Cover yourself. Do what it takes. Why can't affordable health insurance be available to all?

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